About Cambria Christmas Market

Did you know that our Christmas Market is inspired by those held in Germany each winter, dating back to the 1300s?

Our company has strong German ties and a passion for Christmas, making our Christmas Market the perfect way to share those traditions and holiday cheer with you! Learn more about some of the German Christmas Market Traditions we’ve brought back to the States for you to enjoy:

  • Christmas Markets: In many towns in Germany and Austria, the holiday season is opened with the traditional Christmas Market or Weihnachtsmarkt, selling food, drink, and seasonal items from open-air stalls, accompanied by traditional singing and dancing.
  • Krampus: December 5th is known as Krampusnacht, or Krampus Night, the night before St. Nicholas Day. In contrast to St. Nicholas rewarding children with sweets on December 6th, Krampus swats “wicked” children and takes them away to his lair. You can catch a glimpse of Krampus at our Market.
  • Gluhwein: Gluhwein is a traditional German mulled wine combined with spices, red wine and citrus fruits. It’s served warm and sold at German Christmas Markets, a perfect beverage to keep you warm during the winter.
  • Gingerbread Hearts: Lebkuchen is a traditional German cookie usually baked for Christmas. It is a gingerbread cookie, made with molasses and full of warm spices. These round or heart-shaped cookies can be found at Christmas Markets often hanging from market stalls. People put the cookies around their necks and display the endearing and humorous messages written in icing. Get your own lebkuchen at our sweets booth.
  • Roasted Nuts: Roasted nuts are a German specialty that can be found at every Christmas Market. Germany is one of the largest producers of nuts in Europe and is widely celebrated throughout the country. Get your own bag of roasted nuts at our events.
  • Christmas Market Mugs: Most German Christmas Markets serve their drinks out of a Christmas-themed mug. Take home a commemorative Christmas mug of your own from our Market.
  • Incense Smokers: Many years ago, the Erzgebirge Mountains in Germany were mined for gold, tin ore and other minerals. The people working in the mines during the day would often be found crafting wooden toy figurines at night. Smokers became something the miners made. They usually resembled figurines of the people who lived and worked there, such as mailmen, fishermen, shepherds and even the village people themselves. The smokers are used to burn incense, which has historically been used during important events to ward off evil spirits. Authentic, imported German Smokers are available for sale at our Christmas Market.

We’ve always made it a mission to support local in various ways. Over the years, we have made significant donations to local nonprofits, including the Homeless Animal Rescue Team and the school district. We continue to work with the Cal Poly events and engineering departments to build new, interactive displays. We’ve also worked with Jack’s Helping Hand to offer a Special Needs night that allows families with disabilities to attend the light display without the crowds so they can enjoy a festive evening while not being over-stimulated. 

We support local artisan vendors and small companies like Linn’s, who sell their goods at our German Market. Over the years, we have also hosted a Christmas decoration contest for the local Cambria businesses and even donated lights to help downtown get festive.

We’d love to partner with you to support your non-profit. Contact us to talk about options: [email protected].

Take a stroll through 2 million dazzling Christmas lights! We hope you’re able to experience this one-of-a-kind event on the Central Coast.