Our Vendors

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Simplistic is a shop that features all handmade and handcrafted items with a beachy, rustic, vintage feel. We feature current modern fabrics and vintage fabrics mixed with burlap and other fun textures for bags, totes, purses, backpacks, table linens, pillows, Christmas stockings, Christmas ornaments, and more. We carry locally handcrafted unique earthy beach and nature inspired bohemian jewelry. Beaded leather wrap bracelets leather and silk corded necklaces, copper, silver and semi-precious stone beads. We also carry paper craft ornaments and multi-media art goods.

Brigitte’s Creations

Brigitte’s Creations creates Hand-Knit Scarves, Purses and Gifts!

SLO Coast Jerky

Made fresh locally, SLO Coast Jerky is made from the choicest cuts. Seasoned and marinated in our special selection of spices and dried in precise increments, every bite is a culinary journey of perfection.

Forever Santa

Forever Santa bring you Driftwood Santas that make a lasting gift.

La Bella Olives

La Bella Olives are grown in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California. The olives are cured the old-fashioned way with no lye or sugars in salt brine for 8 to 9 months.

Yvonne Rand

The relentless power of the sea as it crashes on the breakwater in Morro Bay, the winsome snaggletooth grin of a sea lion at Avila, the shinning glow of poppies as they reach for the glorious sun on Figueroa Mountain. Fleeting moments of time caught by the camera lens in the hands of Yvonne Rand. Images of the whisper of ancient peoples in the pueblos and hieroglyphics of the cliff dwellers, An abandoned railroad that the forest is reclaiming, Mission corridors that thousands of worshipers have walked. Come to the Cambria Christmas Market to find a photograph to touch your heart and soul, or maybe simply put a smile on your face. Photo’s matted and /or framed and note cards as well as Yvonne’s shell heart shadowboxes and unique table runners will all be available at the Christmas Market. You can currently find Yvonne’s work at Stephanie’s Hallmark in San Luis Obispo.


Gardenesque specializes in handcrafted soaps, hand-painted china, olive oil lip balms, soaps and lotions, scented soy candles, handmade hand towels and more.

Spin Copter

Spin Copter is the premier L.E.D. toy in the sky! If you are 2 or 92, you will be amazed at the beautiful array of colors that spin slowly down to earth after your Spin Copter is launched into the air. Our slingshot copters can reach heights exceeding 150 feet! You won’t miss us, as our custom copters can been seen from a mile away.

Mehlenbacher Taffy

Mehlenbacher Taffy, starting with an original recipe your grandparents and great-grandparents used from the 1900s, pride ourselves on our handmade taffy. We use only the finest, natural ingredients including grade A butter and pure cane sugar. We do not use high fructose corn syrup or preservatives. An added plus is that our taffy is gluten free. All of our taffy is made in small batches, and is truly an “artisan” taffy.


Ellis Charm & Design

Kathryn Welsh Jewelry

Artisan Beverage

The Love Story Project